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Kristy Cates Cabaret - yay!

Well, I managed to go to round 2 of Kristy's Arlington Heights cabarets. I'd previously attended her cabaret on October 9, 2006. The set list had changed quite a bit between the two shows, though.


I scanned the room, and spotted... no one from That One Show. But I guess that was to be expected, given the fact that everyone was either busy performing themselves or had moved out of town.

At 3:06, the band and backup singers (Brad and Lizzie) walked out and got into position. They were all 'new.' Then the announcer introduced Kristy and once again the room was flooded with the audio of wee Kristy's 'Over the Rainbow.' Much like in her October show, the real Kristy finished the song out. She said she found the tape during one of her moves, and it was labeled 'Kristy Cates Over the Rainbow 1985.' So cute. Anyway, Kristy wore black dress pants, a black velvet top, and her hair was mostly down with a barrette pinning some of it out of her face. Then she started 'Raise the Roof.' Aaanyway. Kristy introduced the band and backup singers who were all completely new. Her music director came with her from NYC, and I guess that explains the slightly different arrangements of the songs carried over from October.

Then she did 'Stars & the Moon,' which was gorgeous as always. Then Kristy talked about her move, and how she and Michael packed up her entire apartment, dog, and cat into a truck, and stayed at an 'EconoLodge' in Pennsylvania. And then when they arrived in NYC, their new apartment had issues. She'd thought she'd have downtime once she moved back, but of course she ended up working non-stop, which was the perfect transition into 'Vienna.' I like this one. ;D

And then she went into the first 'new' song, 'You're So Vain.' I freaking LOOOOOVE 'You're So Vain.' She said she and Michael (her boyfriend) heard it in the car and thought she should sing it. Love, love, LOVE.

I think this might've been the part where she talked about her morning and having to have her music director drive them in their 'toaster oven' lookalike rental car to her chiropractor in... Oak Park? Her hotel's pillows were too soft and her old trapdoor neck injury decided to act up. Good times. And then she went into her 'karaoke song,' aka 'Saving All My Love for You.' *snork* Cheesy. Yet awesome. She said she won a karaoke contest with that song, in this rinky-dink place. Um, yay?

Then she introduced her special guest, whose name was Brandon Cutrell, and even though I'd never heard of him, apparently he's hot stuff in New York. I seriously need to check this guy out. They bantered a bit, and then he sang a solo song and they sang a duet that was written for them a million years ago. He was quite good and quite funny.

Then of course came the 'Let's tell the story about when I found out I got Wicked (meanwhile not informing the audience that it was as a chorus member).' She said to her first audition where she was required to do part of the 'catfight' scene, she (stupidly) wore a short black skirt and a low-cut red top, and was asked not to wear something like that again. Oops. Then she talked about how at one of her callbacks, she did 'Defying Gravity.' In front of Stephen Schwartz, she cracked badly on the last note. But then she was told it was all good, because Idina did the same thing and hurled profanities afterward. Kristy didn't because she was a 'good girl.' Then Kristy sang 'I'm Not That Girl,' and warned us beforehand that the last low note was hard and she might not hit it. And then she failed to hit it, and wound up making a funny face instead. '400 times I've performed this song...' said she. I just shook my head. Brad and Lizzie came back out since it was time for the 'act 1 finale.' And she TOTALLY did the 2-fingers-look-into-my-eyes thing that "You Know Who" did. *ahem* It was the best ever, I swear. And then she did 'Fancy,' and of course it was crazy-good.

Intermission was bo-ring, since I'd already scoped out the couple hundred faces.

The band came out, and Kristy returned, wearing a navy blue evening gown with a halter top and slit in the front of the halter's bodice. (This is very important.) Then she broke into this art song. Thank you, CCM. Then she did 'Big Spender.' She hopped on the grand piano to sing it...And then nearly hurt herself hopping down. Poor thing. It's her own fault, though. Oh gosh. I think it was here that she made the comment about 'these things keep popping out.' What she MEANT were those side-ribbon things that help strapless dresses stay on hangers. What it SOUNDED like was her cleavage. As soon as she realized what she said, she gasped and looked mortified and clutched herself and dove back in the general direction of the piano. Hi-la-ri-ous.

THEN Miss Kristy started talking about how she took a 'personal evening' off from Wicked and paid $100 for last-row tickets (the location of which Ticketmaster didn't inform her of *snork*) to see Barbra Streisand at the United Center. She got weepy when she told this story, but then she pulled it together.

Anyway, then she went into 'Down With Love,' which was pretty awesome. Then she did a Q & A from questions that were apparently thrown into a hat. I missed out on that, but that's okay. Anyway, some person asked how long it took her to get her makeup on for Wicked. The only thing about that I didn't know was that Kristy is chronically late, and that she was usually ready to go right around the time Stacie came down in the bubble. Someone else asked what she'd be doing next. She said she'd be auditioning and maybe doing more voiceovers. She said she had an audition coming up, but she said she didn't feel like she was right for the part. Someone else asked when was the first time she got to go on as Elphaba and about the first time she got to go up in the cherry picker. Apparently she didn't get to go up in the cherry picker until the Tony rehearsals, where she got to perform 'Defying Gravity' six times in one day because Idina couldn't make it. That's... not fair? And then of course she didn't get to go on in front of an actual audience until September 2004.

Then Brandon came back and performed the first track of his recently recorded album, which I greatly enjoyed. But first he decided he had to pull some more questions out of the hat and answer them in lieu of the offstage Kristy. That was pretty awesome.

Then Kristy, Lizzie, and Brad came marching back onstage wearing Bears jerseys. Kristy talked about how she managed to perform the national anthem for the Bears game, and how the Bears would definitely be winning the Superbowl because the athletic teams tend to quit sucking whenever she moves to their corresponding locale. She may have a point. Then she took off the jersey and sang 'Great Day.' Then she did her thank yous, which weren't terribly interesting. Then she introed 'Children Will Listen,' and dedicated it to her parents (who were not present). She didn't cry, left the stage once it was over, got a standing ovation, then came back for 'Defying Gravity.' And then it was over for real.

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