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Kristy Concert

[cross-posted a bit]

I went to Kristy's solo concert last night.

We hear the disembodied voice of the announcer, introducing 'Ms. Kristy Cates.' And then we hear another disembodied voice, this time that of an eight-year-old singing 'Over the Rainbow.' That voice was soon overtaken by a much more, um, refined voice. Kristy finished the song out, and then went into... 'Ya ya ya ya ya ya ya! (repeated by Ryan Weiss and Dee Roscioli, singing backup) 'Ya ya!' (repeated by Ryan and Dee) and then she started trilling. Then my jaw hit the floor. She totally did the heck out of 'Raise the Roof', which did very much to firmly establish Kristy in the 'O...mi...gosh...' category in which Julia Murney also resides. She did start to screw up the lyrics in the second verse, but recovered Kristy-ly. It wasn't any 'Let his flesh never burn,' though. :P But what was she wearing? Let's see... black dress pants, red top (complete with cleavage that she was happy to show off), black jacket (that she took off at the part where Kristoffer had told her to), as well as hair extentions that she didn't actually need, but made her hair nice and big anyway. Dark red lipstick, also. Let's see... 'My Funny Valentine,' 'Stars and the Moon' *SQUEE*!, and she did 'Capped Teeth and Caesar Salad,' which she said was the #1 request. She was also acting the poop out of every one of the songs. She did a Barbra Streisand number which I've totally forgotten already. A Judy Garland number, 'The Man that Got Away.' Billy Joel's 'Vienna. And, oh goodness! She closed the 'act' with 'Fancy.' And only forgot the lyrics once! That's quite impressive. So she didn't do the southern accent like Julia Murney, but it was still frigging awesome. Awe. Some.

Then she comes out for 'act two,' woohoo! She changed outfits AND hairdos (Okay, so she had her Wicked makeup artist, Joyce, backstage to help her :P). Turquoise, sparkly halter dress, 'hair' pulled into an elaborate, curly bun and a red flower in said hair. And not counting the 'special guest' portion of the show, she sang, um... 'The Trolley Song' (and forgot the lyrics), 'I'm Not That Girl' (What? No 'The Wizard and I?!' I think I like INTG better as a song, although she's always rocked at both.'), 'Great Day' by Sarah Vaughan, 'If I Didn't Believe in You,' and I'm getting the feeling I'm forgetting something now. Ah well, I'll probably remember later. But she closed with 'Children Will Listen,' and was crying for real by the end. Then she dedicated it to her mother, who was sitting in the row behind me. That was so touching.

Of course she got a standing ovation, so then she came back out for an encore, still crying. So... yeah. She got the rare opportunity to perform 'Defying Gravity' without balancing on a cherry picker. Woohoo. Dee, Ryan, and Special Guest were silent through the song until 'Look at her, she's wicked! GET HER!' and then they didn't really sing it like they meant it. *snork*


Now, anyone who knows Kristy knows that she can talk, and talk she did.

Let's see... when she did her first Judy Garland number, she talked about how when she was a child, she used to have bay windows, and she would perform along to her records, while looking at her reflection in the bay windows. She also gave out her childhood home address...........

She also answered some presubmitted fan questions. (My favourite kind. *snork*) 'What was your most embarassing moment in Wicked?' I'd relate it here, but certain people from WoO have already told the story, and it involved goat horns. 'My daughter wants to be a performer.' Kristy says: 'Hone other skills, while you also follow your dream. I temped forever.' 'What was it like understudying Idina?' Kristy says: 'She was gracious and hardworking, so I didn't find her intimidating. It was more the position of understudying the Tony award-winning role.' 'What are you doing after Wicked?' Kristy says: 'My last day is (we know this now) and after that I'm going to New York and then I'm going to spend Christmas with my family and then I'm moving to New York (knew this) and then I'm going to do my other concerts here (knew this) and then I'm going to... teach. And then audition.' She also mentioned taking a month 'off,' which presumably would be December/early January. Good for her.

Apparently, in her younger days she listened to Miss Saigon, NKOTB, and Judy Garland. And danced in her bay window. Also as a child, she was cast in her kindergarten class 'play' (or whatever it was) as the Evil Stepmother/Witch in Snow White, but she gracefully declined the role, because she didn't want to be ugly. So she was then cast as a cardboard tree. :P She wanted to be Smurfette for Halloween, and I guess her dad was painting her blue or whatever, and she... had issues with it.

She told the story of her audition for Wicked. At the time, she was still doing Boobs! the Musical, and then she auditioned, and then her agent called her while she was getting a pedicure. Kristy got so excited, she started kicking the pan of water her feet were in, and got them all over the nice lady who was helping her. OOPS.

Speaking of auditions, Kristy auditioned for The Last Five Years and was invited to the last callback but ended up losing to Sherie René Scott. For serious. When Kristy was performing 'If I Didn't Believe in You' tonight, she mentioned that it and 'Stars and the Moon' were by Jason Robert Brown. He got NO love from the audience. Apparently no-one present knew who he was. I'm still sad about that. :'( Anyway, Kristy lost out to Sherie, and now I can't decide who would've rocked more as Cathy, between the two of them. LOVE Sherie. LOVE Kristy. Such a dilemma... :P

Kristy's special guest for the evening was Kristoffer, yay! They sang a duet written by a friend, and then Kristoffer sang a song solo (the name and artist escape me). Let me just say that as good as he sounds in Wicked, he sounds 10x better in keys tailored to his voice rather than Norbert's. Anyway, they told ensemble stories, about how he was in San Francisco, and she wasn't and replaced Stephanie, and then they talked about how insane it was for her because she didn't know any of the choreography yet and was just thrown in. They were dance partners, and Kristoffer was leading her along. It was cute. Anyway, Kristy said that she wasn't in San Francisco, because Steph was still in, but she WAS doing Boobs! the Musical. Kristoffer, snarkily: 'I don't know why...' Kristy defensively started pushing hers up. Hilarious. Also, they said that they (Kristy and Kristoffer) looked like siblings. Like, ew. Kristoffer did kiss her cheek (and neck) as he exited, so I guess they're still on speaking terms. :P

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